Welcome to MetFoam 2023

Technical Program

Topics planned for MetFoam 2023 include, but are not limited to:
■ Research in fabrication of cellular metals by conventional and novel
▪ Foaming, sintering, moulding, etc.
▪ Special topical focus: Theory and practice of additively manufactured
cellular metals, i. e. lattice structures, scaffolds etc.
■ Characterization and properties of cellular metals:
▪ Novel characterization methods
▪ Mechanical properties
▪ Fluid, heat, and mass transfer properties
▪ Other properties related to the morphological description and
applications of cellular metals
■ Design and simulation of open and closed cell porous metals
■ Porous metallic biomaterials
■ Nanoporous metals
■ Application studies and industrial applications of porous metals and
metallic foams.

A facultative visit of the Fraunhofer IFAM labs in Dresden and the Fraunhofer IWU Metal Foam Center in Chemnitz will be offered as part of the conference.